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Delight your clients with the ultimate Valet Parking Software

From checkin to vehicle retrieval, the process is seamless and digitized.

Enhance the guest experience

Become more cost-efficient

Analyze detailed reports to staff more efficiently and eliminate theft and unnecessary downtime.

Win over your clients

Transparent reporting and a great guest experience gives you the edge over the competition.

Optimize your valet operation

View reports on key metrics, including number of vehicles logged, speed of parking and retrieval, hours worked, and a detailed revenue breakdown. You can even request custom reports.
O-Valet gives you the insights into your business that’ll drive better decision-making and allow you to keep your operation efficient and cost-effective.

Delight your customers and clients

Whether it’s a hotel or a restaurant, your guests will love O-Valet. They can effortlessly have their vehicle parked and request their retrieval in advance, meaning no time is wasted.
You can also access detailed reports on revenue and labor, building trust through transparency and giving you an edge over the competition.

Christoper Murray

"O-Valet's software helped us reduce our labor overhead by 27% and made our employees more accountable. Hotel guests love how the app allows them to request from their room. 100% recommended."

Director of Operations

"Our location, our brand, and our guests have been given a complete transformation from the implementation of O-Valet.
We’re looking forward to our smoothest year ever, operationally speaking - and it’s because of O-Valet."

Ethan Morciego

Manager, Guest Experience


O-Valet is the Valet Parking Software your clients in your city need.

With paperless tickets, detailed reports, advanced vehicle requesting, and a fully-digitized system, the O-Valet app is the solution to give you an edge over the competition.


O-Valet makes the entire process seamless. Take a look.

As soon as your guest arrives, your valet driver issues a barcoded or reusable ticket and takes the guest's keys. Their vehicle is then logged into the O-Valet system.


The driver's route is tracked for maximum efficiency. The key is secured and the vehicle location and duration of parking time is recorded.


Guests can request their vehicle in advance via our smartphone app, in their suite, in-person, or at any kiosk on your property. Valet staff are immediately alerted.


Use any ticket type

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"From the moment I first spoke to the O-Valet team I knew I was in the right place.
This is the total package for our company and guests.
Valet is our world and O-Valet is our universe."

Jermaine Butler

Managing Operator

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